Cooking with Rostam and His Mom Najmieh Batmanglij
Rostam Batmanglij gained fame as part of Vampire Weekend, but as his ‘Half-Light’ solo album illustrates, he has plenty to say on his own. A son of Iranian immigrants, he met his VW buds while studying at NYC’s Columbia University. We thought it would be fun to explain a part of his life fans seldom see, so Vevo’s Kim Taylor Bennett connected with him and his mom Najmieh, an award-winning cookbook author, for a little cooking lesson. In the mood for green salmon and kuku? Learn about Rostam's music and his chef skills.


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US Museum Hosts Moshiri’s Pop Art

Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, US, is showing paintings and sculptures by Iranian pop artist Farhad Moshiri, 54.

Under the banner of ‘Farhad...